Best Places to Cry in Public in Perry, NY

You can’t always control when the feels hit. From being hit by a stray cow on 20A to standing in subzero temperatures scraping ice off your windshield, Perry life comes with plenty of occasions that call for a good cry.

Photo by Aiony Haust. This guy’s been crying in public since before it was cool.

When the tears start to flow unexpectedly, you can’t always book it back to the comfort of your own home to sob into a pint of Perry’s Ice Cream–nor do you always want to. That’s why I’ve assembled a (highly subjective) list of the top 5 best places to cry in public in Perry, New York.

This vibrant New York village situated at the westernmost edge of the Finger Lakes offers a high quality of life–and a high quality of public weeping locales.

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