Best Places to Cry in the Privacy of Your Own Home

It’s a tough time out there for public criers. Gone are the days of collapsing in a heap of sobs at the half-price sushi place or silently weeping in the back row of the theater during your fifth viewing of Little Women. It’s a time for social distancing and keeping ourselves–and our tears–at home. IfContinue reading “Best Places to Cry in the Privacy of Your Own Home”

Best Places to Cry in Public in Perry, NY

You can’t always control when the feels hit. From being hit by a stray cow on 20A to standing in subzero temperatures scraping ice off your windshield, Perry life comes with plenty of occasions that call for a good cry. When the tears start to flow unexpectedly, you can’t always book it back to theContinue reading “Best Places to Cry in Public in Perry, NY”

Fitness without shame: the body positive unicorn way

This post was originally published on Tumblr in September 2018. Please note that it includes descriptions of disordered eating behaviors and other sensitive content. Content is based on my own experiences and research is not a substitute for professional treatment or advice. This post is also not officially endorsed by SuperFit Hero (although I’m proudContinue reading “Fitness without shame: the body positive unicorn way”

The Giving Tree and Healing After Abuse

If you’ve gotten this far in life without reading The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, here’s a quick summer: Boy loves a tree. Tree loves a boy. Tree gives the boy everything she has to try to make him happy. In the end, all that’s left of Tree is a stump. Still, the text tellsContinue reading “The Giving Tree and Healing After Abuse”