Sarah Keeler

Sarah Keeler is a writer, dance educator and body positive fitness trainer. She’s the founder and director of Genesee Dance Theatre and Genesee Pilates & Yoga. When not working, she can be found in an extra hot bubble bath weeping over sitcom characters.

Hi, I’m Sarah. I write about food, teach ballet and help people feel great in their bodies.

My work ranges from . . .

  • Ghostwriting for food blogs and recipe developers
  • Running a ballet school and fitness studio
  • Parenting a 8 year old human and a 3 year old corgi
  • Writing about my adopted home in New York’s the Genesee Valley

I wear a lot of hats and I love them all. (I look really good in hats.)

Word on the Street. . .

Sarah’s writing has been an absolute gift to my businesses. I can not recommend her services highly enough. Her kitchen and cooking knowledge is extensive, making her food writing some of the best I have seen. I’m so grateful to have her on my team!

Mary Younkin, Creator of Barefeet in the Kitchen and author of The Weeknight Dinners Cookbook

Sarah once juggled seventeen kumquats all while creating dynamic copy for new food blog.

Cyrus Vance, former Secretary of State

I’ve never met Sarah but if I did, I take her out to dinner, buy her a nice new pair of ethically sourced diamond earrings, and have her home by 11 p.m.

Ted Danson, star of TV’s “Becker”
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