Best Places to Cry in Public in Perry, NY

You can’t always control when the feels hit. From being hit by a stray cow on 20A to standing in subzero temperatures scraping ice off your windshield, Perry life comes with plenty of occasions that call for a good cry.

Photo by Aiony Haust. This guy’s been crying in public since before it was cool.

When the tears start to flow unexpectedly, you can’t always book it back to the comfort of your own home to sob into a pint of Perry’s Ice Cream–nor do you always want to. That’s why I’ve assembled a (highly subjective) list of the top 5 best places to cry in public in Perry, New York.

This vibrant New York village situated at the westernmost edge of the Finger Lakes offers a high quality of life–and a high quality of public weeping locales.

Top 5 Places to Cry in Public Near Silver Lake

5. Silver Lake Outlet Trail

Beautiful scenery and heaving sobs abound at the Silver Lake Trail . Dog not guaranteed.

For staring wistfully into gurgling waters, it doesn’t get better than the Silver Lake Outlet Trail. Connecting downtown Perry with the shores of Silver Lake, this trail is hardly ever over crowded. You might get stared at by fishermen who smell like sausage or run into your Aunt Betty while she takes her daily power walk, but this public crying spot comes with plenty of opportunities for solitary weeping. Let your tears commune with the waters of Silver Lake and stroll back to town ready to take control of your life.

4. The Alley Behind Silver Lake Brewing Project

There’s not usually an extension cord running down this alleyway. Your public crying should be free of tripping hazards.

Perry’s historic downtown is full of hidden alcoves just waiting to play host to your public breakdown. Slip into the alleyway* behind this craft brewery on Borden Avenue and lean against the cool brick while you question all the life choices that got you here.

Insider Tip: Cry here during peak bar hours and chances are good your wails will be answered. No one wipes away tears better than a group of sympathetic tipsy girls, so go ahead and let them hug you and remind you that you’re a freaking goddess who was way too good for that job anyway.

*This space is sometimes maybe called “Sea Serpent Alley”? I don’t know if that ever caught on but I like it. Can we make that happen?

3. Charcoal Corral and Silver Lake Twin Drive-In

Photo by Dmitry Kovalchuk. You can see it but his eyes are watering.  

The Charcoal Corral offers an excellent Wednesday night all-you-can-eat pasta bar but that’s nothing compared to the veritable buffet of crying spots available on site at this combination restaurant and family fun center. Grab a putter and weep silently as you play a solitary round of mini-golf and contemplate the Sisyphean nature of the human condition. Slide into a cool corner booth and mourn your lost childhood, pausing between sniffs to lick your double scoop chocolate cone.

When night falls, catch a double feature under the stars and hope it’s good enough to distract you from spotting your ex on a date three rows ahead of you. And if it’s not? It’s so dark that no one will be able to tell you’re the one blubbering audibly into your steering wheel.

2. Sportmans Club

Photo by Jakub Dziubak.

This favorite local dive gets all kinds; no one will give you a second look as you shed tears into your Jack Daniels. They may even give you a new one on the house, just for looking so sad. Go ahead and take it. You’ve earned it. Just be sure to drink a glass of water first; crying and whiskey are both dehydrating.

The caveat? The Sportsmans Club is members only. For frequent public criers, this investment is more than worth it. If you’re more of a recreational weeper, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a member willing to let you tag along as a guest (and possibly lend a shoulder) when the time comes.

1. Any Bench on Main Street

Photo by Giuseppe Argenziano. Dramatization of real events.

The cream of the crop when it comes to public bawling comes with a caveat–it’s only available in the warm months. From May to September, black iron benches line Perry’s Main Street, providing ample opportunities for a spontaneous cry sesh.

You might get a kind or curious look from passersby but in general these semi-permanent public benches are best for those who crave uninterrupted emoting. Let the lullaby of passing tractor trailers and the tantalizing aroma from the Creative Foods cookie factory wash over you as you relive every terrible thing you’ve ever done. If you’re lucky, a passing neighbor might even let you pet their dog.

And that, my friend, is worth all the tears in the world.

Honorable Mentions

  • A golf cart at the Silver Lake Country Club
  • John & Sarah’s Restaurant
  • Tennis courts at Perry Village Park

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What are the best spots to cry in public in your town?

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